I'm Penny Pereboom

I empower people to discover and ​connect their inner purpose and ​passion to outer goals and strategies ​to bring about extraordinary and ​sustainable results.

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Life By Design

Are you living your dream, or are you merely ​going through the motions and living a life by ​default?

It's easy to get caught up in the routine of daily ​life, allowing circumstances and external factors to ​dictate our path. Deep within there may be an ​unfulfilled longing for something more, a yearning ​for a life that reflects your true desires and ​passions.

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Be Aware

Gain awareness on how to bridge the gap ​between where you are now and where ​you will be when your dream is a ​reality.

Be Inspired

Stop dreaming and start doing!! It all ​starts with getting really crystal clear on ​what it is you are trying to achieve.

Be Empowered

With the proper tools and strategies ​you can bring your dream to LIFE.

Let’s get going

on your transformative journey!

Allow me to guide you on a journey of ​self-discovery, helping you gain crystal-​clear clarity on your vision and identify ​potential blocks that may hinder your ​path so you can unlock the courage to ​pursue your dreams authentically and ​purposefully.

I specialize in a process of bringing your ​dreams to life by helping you weave ​together your creative and resilient ​mind, a variety of strategies and diverse ​tools, to craft a masterpiece that is ​both remarkable and sustainable.

Let's work together to unlock the ​power of your dreams!

Growth Opportunities

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meet ups

Weekly inspiration and relationship-building, offering support, ​collaborative discussions, and empowerment for actionable goals. ​Join us for motivation, accountability, and the opportunity to find ​your tribe within our vibrant community.

Breakfast Club Wednesdays 7:30-8:30

Power Lunch Tuesdays 11:30-12:30



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Explore our in-depth Group Coaching Programs delving into diverse ​personal and professional development topics. Foster connections, ​exchange insights, and empower each other to turn knowledge into ​action. Packed with expert guidance, inspiration, accountability, and ​pathwayto turning dreams into reality.



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Tailored to your unique needs, these one-on-one sessions provide ​focused guidance, individualized strategies, and unwavering support. ​Choose the agenda to either find your purpose, re-ignite your ​passion for your existing purpose, or uncover what is holding you ​back from realizing your dream.



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I would love the opportunity to craft an engaging talk ​for your next event. As a speaker and coach, I deliver ​powerful insights, igniting inspiration and empowering your ​audience. Book me to speak, and let my passion for ​unlocking potential leave a lasting impact on your event.



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I'm Penny Pereboom,

a dynamic entrepreneur, coach, and advocate for turning dreams ​into reality.

I perceive the process of bringing dreams to life as weaving an ​intricate tapestry, demanding a creative and resilient mind, a ​variety of tools, diverse yarns, and a skilled hand to craft a ​masterpiece that is both delicate and powerful.

Embodying the essence of a weaver, my name, Penelope, signifies ​the art of intertwining my passion for business, teaching, and ​psychology into the rich fabric of my life and coaching ​business.

Finishing my Bachelor of Science Degree at the University of ​Houston and obtaining a Masters in Education from the ​University of Hawaii, I initially aspired to be a teacher. However, ​budget cuts altered my course, leading me to a rewarding career ​in Real Estate where I've been a top producer since 2012.

Committed to personal and professional growth, I ventured into ​coaching, completing the course at the Institute for ​Professional Excellence in Coaching and gaining certifications ​from the John Maxwell Team, as well as credentials as a High-​Performance Coach and a Certified Brian Buffini mentor.

Join me on this exciting journey of transformation, where we ​unlock the full potential of your dreams together.

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Penny Pereboom

391 Landa St, Suite 1114

New Braunfels, TX 78130

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(830) 308-8642

Dream, Believe, Achieve

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